The Cosmic Jordan

“Theologian Mary Grey observes that, according to a 2020 report of the UN, 50% of the world will be water stressed by 2032, and Asia, where Grey has worked with women already short of water, will be 90% short of clean water”.

This has got me thinking about the Redcliffe/John Ray Initiative Environment Day Conference we are hosting at Redcliffe College in February 2012. This quote above and the excerpt below are taken from Edward Echlin’s Climate and Christ – A prophetic Alternative, published by the Columba Press, Dublin in 2010. Water will be theme of next year’s conference. A few more thoughts from Climate and Christ, below…

“…Christians can contribute our tradition of the cosmic Jordan. All waters…especially through evaporation and precipitation, are interrelated. All the world’s waters, in this sense even literally, are the cosmic Jordan, touched by the Jews, the Baptist, and by God’s Word in Jesus. Reverence for the cosmic Jordan, all waters, is expressed especially memorably and appreciatively by the African church father Tertullian, ‘it makes no difference whether a person be baptised in a sea or pool, a stream or a font, a lake or a trough; nor is there any distinction between those who John baptised in the Jordan , and those whom Peter baptised in the Tiber…respect for water, and its relevance to Christ’s own baptism, his life, and death on the cross, where blood and water flowed from his opened side onto the earth, is a major contribution Christians make to water and climate care…”

Andy Kingston-Smith

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