Protest Music: Until the Day is done, R.E.M

Michael Stipe, live in Naples, July 23, 2008
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Music is a powerful medium. It can unite head and heart for action, for good or ill. Some of the earliest biblical affirmations of civil protest and overcoming oppression are delivered through music and song. Have a listen to a version of Miriam’s song (Exodus 15):

From time to time we will be looking at music’s role in promoting and consolidating justice or its antithesis injustice. Our first focus is a song by R.E.M called Until the day is done.  The powerful combination of musical layering and probing lyrics invites us to engage not only emotionally but critically with its message. What is this song’s message and how do we respond to it? How does it make us feel and what does it invite us to think? Lyrics are powerfully suggestive but that does not mean that we all hear and receive the same message(s).

Sadly, R.E.M’s  Michael Stipe, Mike Mills, Peter Buck and Bill Berry have called it a day after 31 years of playing together, but their music will linger-for a long time yet I suspect. Listen, enjoy and share your comments!

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