New Justice module available on Redcliffe’s MA courses

We are delighted to announce that a new MA-level module “Just Mission: justice issues in intercultural contexts” has now been accredited by the University of Gloucestershire, and is available as an optional module of study to students on a number of MA courses at Redcliffe College; MAs in ‘Global Issues in Contemporary Mission’, ‘Bible and Mission’, ‘Intercultural Studies in Asian Contexts’ and ‘European Mission and Intercultural Christianity’.

Subject to further validation from the University of Gloucestershire, anticipated within the next few months, this new module will be one of two core modules of the new proposed MA course, titled “Justice and Advocacy in Intercultural Contexts”.

We are actively seeking partnerships with organisations working in the fields of advocacy, reconciliation and peace-building to enhance the development of a second specialist module, which we hope will be made available to students from next academic year 2012-2013, in conjunction with the new MA course.

If you are interested in studying more deeply the engagement of Christian faith with contexts of injustice please speak to us directly or contact Redcliffe College.

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