jusTice update – november 2011

jusTice initiative – november 2011 update

What a significant last couple of weeks it has been with the Occupy protest at St. Paul’s bringing into sharp focus the role of the Church in being a prophetic voice on issues such as the economy.  We are increasingly convinced that there is a real need for Christians to become more conscious of the biblical precepts of living justly as an intrinsic element of our witness to the Good News, and, just as importantly, to incarnate those precepts in each and every context in which we find ourselves.

Below are a few items of news to keep you updated on the initiative:-

  1. The next couple of weeks will see us busy putting together (for submission by Redcliffe College), the application to the University of Gloucestershire for validation of the new proposed MA course in Justice and Advocacy in Intercultural contexts.
  2. Initial seed-funding has been coming in for the initiative. We have received around £4,000 from 3 trust funds, another £2,000 is pledged and we await a decision from another trust fund for a similar amount in the coming week. This would put us over half-way to our budgeted target for this academic year, so this is an encouraging start.
  3. The new MA module on justice issues will run with its first group of MA students in February 2012. This will be taught in 2 intensives, during February and March, and will cover theoretical and practical aspects of justice as part of God’s mission.
  4. The second distinctive MA module is planned to be rolled out from the start of the 2012-2013 academic year, as part of the new MA course. The title of the new module will be Advocacy, Reconciliation and Peace-building and we shall be looking for expert input
  5. Do also take the opportunity to Visit Redcliffe’s online journal encounters page, where you can download a recent edition by Dr Robert Cook on the place of animals in the purposes of God, including some justice-related perspectives, at http://www.redcliffe.org/SpecialistCentres/EncountersMissionJournal/vw/1/ItemID/86.
  6. A few dates for your interest; 3rd March 2012 – Redcliffe hosts the Environment day conference in partnership with the John Ray Initiative and Tearfund. Further details will be up on the Redcliffe website shortly. On the 7th May 2012 we shall be giving a seminar at WEC’s ‘Go2012 – festival for the nations’ event (http://www.gofestival.info/) on justice and mission.

Please keep engaging with us in this new and exciting initiative.

Andy & Carol

2 thoughts on “jusTice update – november 2011”

    1. Thanks Tim – it would be good to consider commenting on the events at St Paul’s in your lecture tomorrow, as a contemporary application of Deuteronomy! Blessings, Andy

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