jusTice initiative – january 2012 update


Dear friends and supporters of jusTice,

Happy New Year to you all!

Some issues to note below for your interest and prayers:-

  1. The application to the University of Gloucestershire for validation of the new proposed MA course in Justice and Advocacy in Intercultural contexts was submitted before Christmas. We immediately received a response from the University confirming that the application would be considered by sub-committee this coming Monday, 9th January. Assuming the response is favourable a date will be set for the main validation event, to be held at Redcliffe College, hopefully within just a few weeks.
  2. A favourable outcome on Monday would also mean consent is granted to commence formal advertising and promotion of the new MA, “subject to validation”, so we will let you know the implications of that shortly.
  3. A little more seed-funding has come in for the initiative, since we last wrote. We have now received half of this academic year’s budget of £15,000. Please pray for the reminder to come in. If you/your organisation would like to consider donating towards this, we would be pleased to hear from you!
  4. Thank you to the many of you who responded on the questionnaires. We received over a hundred replies, amounting to close on a one-third response rate, which was excellent. We will get round to responding to you on specific queries/comments/requests etc. over the coming weeks. Please note it is not too late to send your questionnaire response, if you haven’t done so yet. Although initial analysis was provided to the University as part of the MA course application, we will need to provide more in-depth and up-to-date analysis for the Validation Event itself, and the more we have for that meeting, the better! We had so much helpful information from you on these…so thank you!
  5. We have a key meeting planned for the 18th January with a prospective partner for the delivery of part of the second distinct module on “advocacy, reconciliation and peace-building”. Please pray for discussions prior to, and on the day; it could be a very exciting development.
  6. We continue to exercise our social media fingers after some time out during Christmas. The blog is up and running with a number of short articles and commentaries. Please take a few moments to have a scan through at https://justiceadvocacyandmission.wordpress.com/ and subscribe to future blog posts.
  7. We always welcome written contributions on a wide range of topics related to issues of justice, so please let us know if you have something we could post. In particular, if you would like to consider an article on an issue of economic (in)justice, there is an opportunity to publish this in the next edition (March/April) of Redcliffe’s online journal, encounters.
  8. Equally, we have been busy tweeting away, so please follow us at @just_mission, and also take a moment to visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/jusTice-justiceadvocacymission/148143665240215.
  9. Forthcoming dates for your interest:-

3rd March 2012 – Environment day conference, Redcliffe College, hosted in partnership with John Ray Initiative and Tearfund; theme is water. Further details on the Redcliffe website at http://www.redcliffe.org/Events/vw/1/ItemID/87

24th March 2012 – “The Eye of the Needle – Biblical Clues for a New Economy” conference in Bristol, facilitated by Ekklesia.

7th May 2012 – We shall be giving a seminar at WEC’s ‘Go2012 – festival for the nations’ event (http://www.gofestival.info/) on justice and mission.

Please keep engaging with us in this new and exciting initiative. In particular we would be grateful for prayer on points 1, 3 and 5 above, which are issues of immediate importance. Please consider responding/contributing on points 4, 7 and 9.

Thanks for your on-going prayers and interest,

In Him,

Andy & Carol Kingston-Smith

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