Redcliffe College conference – Saturday 3rd March 2012

Advance notification of the annual John Ray Initiative & Redcliffe College Environment Day conference

This year we are pleased to have Tearfund partner with us in what promises to be a very interesting and stimulating day, covering a number of key aspects of a very important topic.

Please consider booking this day in your diary. A booking form can be found on Redcliffe College’s web-page advertising the event at:-

Water: Global Challenges for the 21st Century

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A day conference held in partnership with the John Ray Initative and Tearfund
Saturday 3 March 2012, 9.30am-4.30pm

Water is the fountain of life – we can’t live without it, and we can’t seemingly manage too much of it. This century will see increasing challenges of shortage and saturation, droughts and floods. Water is the bringer of life for all, yet a deadly enemy for many.In an unequal world where water resources will increasingly become a trigger point for conflict, how should Christians engage with the challenges of development, sanitation, climate change and political and social unrest? What does the Bible have to say? What should be our Christian mandate in caring for our global neighbours experiencing the sharp end of water-related problems? What might some of the solutions be?

The Redcliffe College/JRI Environment Day will provide thought-provoking talks and interactive seminars addressing these issues. Participants will also hear first-hand accounts of how these issues are impacting people in the Global South.  The day will be chaired by the Revd. Margot Hodson.

Main sessions include

  • Water: Global Challenges for the 21st Century Frank Greaves and Sue Yardley, Tearfund
  • Just add water… transforming communities by providng the missing ingredient Barbara Brighouse, Christian Engineers in Development
  • Has the rain a father? A biblical theology of water  John Bimsom, Trinity College Bristol
  • Global Perspectives from Redcliffe College students
  • Panel discussion

Seminar choices are as follows (please indicate on booking form)

  • Whose water, whose water stress? Trevor Muten, Tapajos Limited
  • Water Resources in the Middle East: Past present and future  Micheal Travis, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel 
  • Water in the UK: Rights and Responsibilities Claire Ashton, The John Ray Initiative
  • Water for my community – the choices I must make  Frank Greaves/Sue Yardley, Tearfund
  • Lasting and inclusive water and sanitation services for the poor  Richard Carter, Water Aid
To book your place:-
The cost of the day is £38 per person and includes a two-course hot buffet lunch and refreshments. Advance booking is required.
Please download and complete the booking form from the college web-link above, and send with a cheque to:
Bonny Cleasby, Redcliffe College, Wotton House, Horton Road, Gloucester GL1 3PT

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