jusTice initiative – february 2012 update

jusTice initiative – february 2012 update


Dear friends and supporters of jusTice,

Last month we asked you to pray over a couple of specific items and we want to update you on the outcome.

We were delighted to receive a positive response from the University recommending that the application for the new MA be moved forward to its final stage, the Validation Event. We don’t have a date for that yet, although there will be some delay as the University is unable to convene that event until April, at the earliest. We have further documentation to submit for that event, but essentially the outcome of the current situation is that we are now able to publicise and market the new MA, “subject to validation”. Please take a moment to have a look at the new webpage here, www.redcliffe.org/justice-ma, by way of information. We will be writing again soon with specific publiity material that may be disseminated through your channels and networks formally advertising the new course and inviting applications from prospective students.

The second piece of good news was the very positive meeting we had with Canon David Porter, Director of St. Michael’s House Reconciliation learning centre (Coventry Cathedral). We were able to see a coming together of minds and vision, and the positive synergy generated is enabling us to proceed towards the joint delivery of the proposed MA module on reconciliation and peace-building. There are practical details to work through over the coming weeks, but we are excited by the fresh approach we hope this will provide for new students, accessing a world-renowned ministry with expertise in such fundamental Biblical truths.

We are also exploring the possibility of offering an intensive training programme with one of our partner organisations, in which we hope to deliver a course on ‘Biblical and Missional Justice’ to church pastors in parts of the Two-thirds world. We are aiming to pilot a scheme in the Autumn, with a view to developing a mini-course that could be delivered to churches both in the UK and overseas. Our Proposal will be discussed with their International Board shortly.

Further trust fund applications and financial requests have been submitted to organisations we are engaging with. Please pray that despite the tough economic context we are all living in, funding would be made available to enable us to continue the progress the initiative is making. We have received half of the budget set for this current academic year, so please pray that the other half will be released in the coming weeks and months.

As regards the new courses, unfortunately, of the 5 students we had for the initial delivery of the first justice module, four have had to withdraw for a variety of reasons, meaning the module has been cancelled. Whilst disappointing, it does allow us the time to continue to work on the numerous elements of the initiative which are developing quite quickly. The disappointment was also offset by the College’s decision to run the new 3rd year undergraduate course next year because of significant interest from the current undergraduate students. So we continue to work hard on the researching and preparation of materials and resources for the 4 justice-related modules expected to be run next academic year, at both undergraduate and MA level.

Please continue to pray for continuing momentum towards full validation of the new MA, strategic thinking and networking with organisations, new ideas and initiatives, and the finances to enable these steps to come to fruition.

Thank you for your prayers and interest,

In Him,

Andy & Carol

One thought on “jusTice initiative – february 2012 update”

  1. Dear Andy and Carol what a very interesting and exciting thing you are doing! Glad to hear and know you are involved in Conflict, Reconciliation, Justice and Peacebuilding work. May God give you favour and success in your endevour to start a Reconciliation and Peacebuilding department at Redcliffe College. I hope to partner with you in the near future in doing what you are doing in East Africa. We will keep you in our prayers.
    Kind regards and blessings,
    Merid Desta,
    Oxford Centre for Mission Studies,
    PS. Carol I really like your blog

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