jusTice initiative – may 2012 update

Well, what a lot of rain we’ve had! Great for gardens and farmers, and it’s got plenty of people talking about floods, droughts and climate change. It is sobering to read though, of the tragedies that do occur at such times of extreme weather across the globe.

Below is an update on jusTice since our last update at the beginning of March, for your interest and prayers:-

  • New MA course – Justice, Advocacy & Reconciliation in Intercultural Contexts

We are delighted to share with you the exciting news that the new justice MA was validated by the University of Gloucestershire last Friday. The validation event went smoothly, with some very helpful recommendations and suggestions put forward. The University recognised the potential of this course, to such an extent that they wondered whether some form of franchise might be considered enabling the course to be run at/through the University too. This has very interesting implications, not least the possibility of engaging a missions-related course in a secular context – what an evangelistic tool that could be in encouraging Christian dialogue with other faith/non-faith students!

Please help us publicise this new course by distributing/forwarding the attached pdf flyer through your channels and networks, so that prospective students are made aware of the availability of this new course. There is also a link on the Redcliffe website at: – www.redcliffe.org/justice-ma,

More specific detail of the course content at:- http://www.redcliffe.org/Portals/0/Content/Documents/Study/2012-13%20course%20information/MA%20in%20Justice_Studies_12_13.pdf

We are pleased to see some applications coming in already for September!

  • Encounters Journal

The April edition of Encounters (Redcliffe’s free online journal) dealing with the topic of economic injustice is now out. You can access the articles and download a copy of the whole edition at:-


We’ll be editing the next edition (September 2012) which will focus on environmental issues, specifically the theme of water, to follow on from the JRI (John Ray Initiative) day in March. If you would like to contribute any articles, or have suggestions/recommendations to make, please get in touch over the coming months; we’d love to hear from you.

  • Funding

Please continue to pray for the remaining £5,000 of this year’s budget, to come in during the next few months, despite the tough economic context we are all living in.

We have some exciting things to work on in the coming months, including a book project. We have a review meeting of the initiative with College leadership in June, when we hope to outline the vision for the next stage (2012-2015) of development of jusTice, in the light of the new MA course and other prospective projects.

Thank you for your prayers and interest in journeying with us on this,

Andy & Carol

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