jusTice initiative – september 2012 update

Dear friends and supporters of jusTice,

With the recent publication of documents relating to the Hillsborough enquiry, justice has, once again, been prevalent in the media with pictures of ‘justice’ and ’96’ emblazoned on the backs of red Liverpool shirts. I remember being profoundly struck by the events of that day over 23 years ago, and yet the fight for justice has not ended, and seemingly enters another period of struggle for truth, for the families of the victims.

I remember writing a poem in the days that followed 15th April 1989, trying to understand where God fits into all this. Suffering in this life is as certain as taxes and, ultimately, death, yet much suffering is caused unnecessarily, or willingly. What does God require of us? The message puts it quite clearly, “do what is fair and just to your neighbour, be compassionate and loyal in your love, and don’t take yourself too seriously – take God seriously.” (Micah 6:8). So God’s justice reminds us to seek justice for others, primarily – a sobering reminder to our egotistical nature.

Here is an update on jusTice, since our last edition in May, for your interest and prayers:-

inaugural justice and mission public lecture – Joel Edwards, 13th November 2012

We are delighted that Joel Edwards has agreed to deliver the inaugural public lecture on justice and mission, at Redcliffe College on Tuesday, 13th November 2012. The evening, which will also include us giving a brief presentation about the jusTice initiative, starts at 7:30pm and should be over by 9:30pm.

Further details are on the following link, http://www.redcliffe.org/Events/vw/1/ItemID/108, and bookings (the event is free, but prior booking is requested) can be made at http://www.redcliffe.org/Events/BibleandMissionLecture/JusticeandMissionLectureBookingForm. A flyer is available to distribute through your networks, so if you would like electronic/hard copies, we will be happy to send these out to you.

MA course – Justice, Advocacy & Reconciliation in Intercultural Contexts

We have 7 students currently signed up for the new MA (Justice, Advocacy and Reconciliation in Intercultural Contexts) starting this month, with a number of others showing interest. Please help us publicise this new course by informing colleagues and friends, so that any prospective students are made aware of its availability. A pdf flyer is available and once again if you would like this for distribution through your channels and networks, do let us know.

We hope it will provide the tools for missional thinkers and practitioners to engage more deeply with justice issues, and equally for those currently working in justice-related organisations and charities, who wish to gain a theological and missiological ‘big picture’ to their current work. Our new undergraduate course, Just Mission; justice and transformation in a complex world also starts this month.

There is a link on the Redcliffe website at: – www.redcliffe.org/justice-ma, with more specific detail of the MA course content at http://www.redcliffe.org/Portals/0/Content/Documents/Study/2012-13%20course%20information/MA%20in%20Justice_Studies_12_13.pdf

encounters journal

Andy is editing the September edition of Encounters (Redcliffe’s online journal) which is focusing on the topic of Water. This is scheduled to be out at the end of September/early October. It will include the talks given at the JRI Environment Day conference held earlier in the year at Redcliffe College, together with a couple of other contributions.

other news

  • Work on a new justice and mission book we are co-editing and contributing to, is well and truly underway. We hope to be publishing it early in the New Year.  It will be a collection of essays by contributors from different parts of the world and it is aimed at the interested, thoughtful reader, rather than being too academic
  • We are working jointly with International Justice Mission (http://www.ijm.org/) to deliver a short intensive course on “biblical justice” to church and community leaders in Bangalore, India in January 2013
  • We are also working with one of our partners to host a conference/symposium next summer, based at Redcliffe College. More details will emerge in the coming months on this
  • In mid-November we have been invited to speak at Northwood Hills Evangelical Church’s first ever missions weekend – which we hope will be a really special time. One of the key aims of the jusTice initiative is to share with local churches and others interested in understanding God’s heart for justice (‘the reconciliation of all things’) as a central tenet of His mission in the world, so we are very interested in considering invites to speak
  • The new academic year sees a new budget set for the initiative. Please pray that we will be able to secure the funding we need to continue to develop the initiative into a new phase. If you would like more information on the financial needs of the initiative, or would like to give, we would like to hear from you

Thank you for your on-going prayers, interest and support in journeying with us.

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