Another very helpful article from Jeremy Williams at ‘Make Wealth History’, so I couldn’t resist re-blogging it. I hadn’t come across these books, but have added these to the material we are developing at Redcliffe College on resource depletion and the Christian response to the same. Some of these issues (especially the consumption of fossil fuels and energy usage) were taken up at the JRI conference we hosted last year, and which are set-out in the College’s free encounters journal, the relevant issue of which may be accessed at:-
Thanks Jeremy for highlighting these new books!

Make Wealth History

As a Christian, one of my enduring frustrations has been the church’s lack of engagement in the world’s biggest problems. We’re on board with poverty, depending on denomination. Climate change is creeping in there, biodiversity loss has a miniscule presence. But resource depletion or economics? Nowhere to be seen.

Being used to the silence, it’s always great to come across individuals with an interest, and this year has seen the publication of two books addressing oil depletion from a Christian perspective. The first was Sam Norton’sLet us be Human, and now No Oil in the Lamp: Fuel, Faith and the Energy Crisis, by Andy Mellen and Neil Hollow.

The authors say the purpose of the book is to raise awareness of oil depletion among Christians and to suggest some practical solutions. It does both of those and more besides, as this is a more comprehensive and analytical…

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  1. Thanks Andy from Neil (one of the authors). Check out our blog and like us at “No oil in the lamp” on Facebook. I have not heard of this site but I will bookmark it.

  2. Hi Neil – The book is ready for publishing now. I wondered whether you might be willing to do a review of it? If so please let me have an email address where I canm send a free review copy. In return, please could you let me know where and when you plan to publish a review. Electronic copies should be available for purchase next week, with hard copies the following week. We have a formal book launch at Redcliffe College, Gloucester, 16:45 – 18:15 on Saturday, 2nd March 2013. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! Andy

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