Justice as the Mission of God

Last night Redcliffe College hosted Joel Edwards, International director for Micah Challenge as guest speaker at the World Christianity Lecture on a topic close to our hearts. The presentation will soon be available on you tube and the full transcript of the talk will be made available on our new website.

His opening thoughts included a powerful quote from Tom Wright’s Simply Christian as follows:

“We dream the dream of justice. We glimpse, for a moment, a world at one, a world put to rights, a world where things work out, where societies function healthily, were I not only know what I ought to do but actually do it. And then we wake up and come back to reality. But what are we hearing when we dream that dream?”

It was an excellent and challenging lecture which emphasised the importance of correcting our faulty biblical interpretations of concepts of holiness, righteousness and justice which ought to be viewed and practised as fully integrated rather than mutually exclusive elements of Christian faith in action. Justice is about God-empowered citizenship which participates in all aspects of life both private and public in order to witness to the goodness and shalom of God’s kingdom, as Joel summarises:

Justice is the catalysing arrangement, which bridges the gap between our relationship with God and our material relationship with those around us.

There will be more to follow but meanwhile please take a look at Micah Challenges excellent group resource The Jesus Agenda .

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