Carnival Kingdom; biblical justice for global communities

Carnival Kingdom: biblical justice for global communities

This is the title of a new book we are co-editing together with Jonathan Ingleby and Marijke Hoek, due out in February 2013. You can visit the Carnival Kingdom facebook page for more info.

Over the last couple of weeks a few excerpts from Marijke Hoek’s chapter, ‘Yeasting the public debate with good news’ have been posted up on facebook, and we’ve put these together below.

We hope it captures your imagination!

Excerpt from chapter 11 of carnival Kingdom (Marijke Hoek):-

…’In an age where the public discussion is prominently located and shaped in the media, we need to imaginatively express a timeless truth that really is good news for society. Creative use of the media draws attention to structural dysfunction, raises public awareness and awakens its conscience. Critically, it is an effective way to communicate how our faith motivates us to develop a more just and compassionate way of life’…

…’Novelist, journalist and leading writer of the Victorian era, George Eliot, perceived that the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistorical acts by people who lived faithful hidden lives. Living out the radical nature of Jesus’ teaching requires a lifestyle of costly, selfless, loving acts of daily commitment to peace and justice – in the playground, workplace, family and community. It demands a daily walk of mercy, humility and justice reflecting Christ’s reign that invades the world, not hindered by our ‘weakness’ but rather displayed in it’…

…’The Christian voice needs to be heard in philosophical reflection, in artistic and literary expressions such as poetry, rap, lyrics, comedy, story, paintings, prose, and film. Thus, we creatively mix and mingle with the discussion. As the late Bishop of Liverpool, David Sheppard, rightly argued, if we do not take part in the public debate, the debate will go on without us. By opting in we communicate our worldview, offer an alternative, speak on behalf of the voiceless and hold out a hope for a better tomorrow’…

…’Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy, argues that in a fractured society the creation of more open public spaces is vital in the growing of communities of mutual support and democratic interchange. The reconstruction of local media is a critical avenue for such reform. Community-based media outlets engage the broader sectors and give people a reason to feel that they can be a part of the formation of communities, dealing with interesting topics that are part of their lives, giving them an opportunity to give their view. Whether that is a local radio in inner city Moss Side or in the suburbs of Rio, the inclusion of all voices is vital in shaping a just society’…

…’Dickens is considered to be one of the most persuasive advocates for the poor of his time. His style of writing belongs to Realism. Contrary to the Romantic Movement of the 18th century that gave an idealistic representation of life in literature and the arts, Dickens’ novels vividly describe the world as he knew it, shining a light on dark realities such as the destitution and exploitation of children and the oppression of women. Capturing the imagination across social classes, his books raised awareness and created a vein of sentiment, not merely entertaining Victorian society but giving it a progressive impulse for change’…

…’our sonship and our discipleship need to shape our citizenship in the social, economic, cultural, and political complexities of our world. Whereas it is commonly thought that a ‘critical mass’ is needed to bring about social change, most change occurs through strategically placing ‘critical yeast’ into the wider society’…

…’Proverbs reflects that when God’s people thrive it does society good: ‘When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices.’ Wise living generates blessedness, riches, peace – in other words, shalom (11:10; 3:13-14). And so, our influence is not so much determined by our position in the pecking order or our status, but rather by living our lives through Christ as they are founded on biblical truth’…

…’Blessed are the shalom seekers, the peacemakers. Blessed are they who have a glimpse of the renewed earth they will inherit, the first rays of which already illuminate their lives. For it disturbs, challenges and inspires them today, invites to new frontiers, awakens the hopeful imagination and makes them gloriously creative.’…

5 thoughts on “Carnival Kingdom; biblical justice for global communities”

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Would you be interested in doing a book review too? In addition to publishing it on your blog, would you have access to publishing on other Christian publications, especially mainstream magazines/Christian newspapers? Thanks for your interest and we’ll keep you posted on publication news.

      1. I’d be glad to review it. Depending on it seeming relevant/ getting accepted I would happily submit a review to one or other of the theological journals/ e-journals I have done a review for.

  1. Hi Roger – The book is ready for publishing now. As requested we can now send you a free review copy – please let me have an email address, thanks. In return, please could you let me know where and when you plan to publish a review. Electronic copies should be available for purchase next week, with hard copies the following week. We have a formal book launch at Redcliffe College, Gloucester, 16:45 – 18:15 on Saturday, 2nd March 2013. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! Andy

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