A timely reminder of the pressing energy issues of our time. In the midst of ‘green talk’ and sustainability requirements, many projects are being encouraged which do not have long-term social and environmental justice interests in mind. It is important, as consumers, that we remain vigilant to the sources of our domestic energy consumption – thanks Jeremy for posting this up.

Make Wealth History

If the world is to avoid dangerous climate change, there needs to be a dramatic shift towards renewable energy. If we continue burning fossil fuels the way we do today, the world may warm by as much as 5 degrees. Changing that possible future means leaving fossil fuels in the ground.

Unfortunately they are hugely profitable, and those in possession of fossil fuel reserves have every intention of exploiting them. A recent study for Greenpeace identified 14 energy projects that, if they all go ahead, will increase global CO2 emissions by 20% between them. It is worth naming these projects, because to put it simply, the liveability of the planet may rest with the governments and corporations behind these schemes.

  1. China’s coal production: China plans to develop the coal production of its Northern territories, increasing coal production by a further 620 million tonnes.
  2. Australia’s coal exports: the country plans to…

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