Some good thoughts on valuing women in the Kingdom – empire mentality has no place in God’s Kingdom, which is founded on completely different principles to the ones that continue to dominate and rule this world – sadly, often in the church too!

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As I have made clear in earlier posts, a central tenet of kenarchy is the instatement of women.
It is not possible to keep reading the gospels with your heart open without seeing, at least eventually, that Jesus instates women in society. I use the word “instate” because reinstate won’t do. As Simone de Beauvoir rightly underlines, in past history women never have been given their proper place. I only part company with her because I believe that Jesus is the exception to that.

The story of the incarnation places women centre stage from beginning to end.
It is the availability of a highly favoured woman that provides for the conception, gestation, birth and nurture of Jesus. A Samaritan woman is the first gentile that Jesus reveals his identity to. The first apostles of the resurrection are women, although the men don’t believe them. For those who make the gospel…

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