Advocating for justice and reconciliation at Redcliffe College

Today marks another milestone in the development of Redcliffe’s new MA course, Justice, Advocacy & Reconciliation in intercultural contexts. Having completed the module, Just Mission, the students will be starting the Advocacy, Reconciliation & Peacebuilding module, which marks our engagement in some innovative partnerships, promising to bring a rounded and dynamic learning experience.

After working initially through the biblical basis of advocacy, the next few days will see visits by Dr. Marijke Hoek, Dr. Khataza Gondwe, Christine Allen & Sue Richardson. Dr Marijke Hoek, is co-author with Justin Thacker of Micah’s Challenge: The Church’s Responsibility to the Global Poor, and co-editor of the recently-published book Carnival Kingdom; biblical justice for global communities, and her experience working with Micah Challenge and the business and media world in Manchester will help the students to think of creative ways for the Christian community to engage positively and practically in civil society. Dr. Gondwe is Team Leader, Africa and Middle East at Christian Solidarity Worldwide, and will be drawing attention to religious freedoms and persecution. We will finish the week with visits from Christian Aid’s Director of Policy & Public Affairs, Christine Allen, and Sue Richardson, Regional Coordinator. The students will be critiquing the theology and approach of these organisations in response to the presentations made, as one of their assignments – a key dimension of this module is the praxis-focus and the tools that will be provided for students to learn how to connect rigorous theology with a practical missiology that has value beyond the classroom.

The second part of this new module takes us to Coventry Cathedral’s ministry of the Cross of Nails, and in particular to St. Michael’s House. Canon David Porter, recently appointed as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s new Director of Reconciliation, will lead a 2 day intensive course on reconciliation and peace-building. This new partnership is an exciting development for Redcliffe’s MA programme and will provide the students with a unique contextual learning experience.

If you, or any friends/colleagues, are interested in the Justice MA programme, we would be very happy to hear from you – more detailed course content can be found here, or email Carol or myself at or, for further info. Essentially, this new course can be done full-time in 1 year, or part-time over 2 to 4 years. Modules are normally done in intensive blocks during the course of the academic year, or during Redcliffe’s May summer school, each year. This MA programme is accredited by the University of Gloucestershire.

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