The five best books on Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement

Resistance & Renewal

I have been taken aback a bit by the response to my last post was on the Secularisation of Martin Luther King.  A few people who have got in touch admitted that they did not even know MLK was a Christian, let alone a church minister.

Over the years I have gained a lot from reading about the civil rights movement.   As with any great movements of the past, such as Wilberforce or Shaftesbury’s campaigns, its important to resist the tendency to wallow in the past or indulge in ‘justice nostalgia’.  We should not just appreciate the heroics from the past or eulogise those involved. Far better to hear the challenge their stories bring us and use them to resource us for the battles of today.

How can good theology and vibrant spirituality help us to make stands for justice and righteousness today?  How can faith help us develop the courage to put ourselves on the line for issues which…

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