10 Reasons why partnership working doesn’t happen

Resistance & Renewal

Shaking handsEveryone in government and charitable agencies is quick to say how committed to partnership working they are. Everyone agrees on the need to join up, work together and be smarter, but so often it doesn’t happen. Here’s my top ten reasons why:

1. We don’t do the arguing at the start
Us British are not very good at disagreeing. When you’re planning on working together you’ve got to uncover the sticking points before you get going and work things through when you’re not in the pressure of having to deliver. It takes time (see 3) and risks the relationship, but wouldn’t you prefer to find out how people cope with disagreement upfront?

2. People can’t imagine what partnership would look like
Actually working closely with another organisation is really different from just speaking to them once in a while. It’s so alien a concept that it’s difficult to imagine how…

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