Just Advent

I’m recycling last years reflection on Advent…a potent reminder of the hope for a ‘peace which knows no end’ which Jesus Christ came to bring.

justice, advocacy and reconciliation


Advent is all about justice. Not in the form of harsh and unyielding judgement but in the form of the in-breaking of a new reality, a new vision or paradigm of life which is breathtaking in its beauty and grace. Those who have been close to a newborn child have experienced the indescribable power of the creative miracle and the potent sense of newness and mystery which unfurls the moment this new reality is beheld and touched. The incarnation is highly creative at many levels and unveils a masterful social kaleidoscope of art and beauty seemingly still beyond many of our imaginations to grasp.

The season of advent reminds us to continue to immerse ourselves in the active hopefulness of watching for and participating in this in-breaking advent of God’s justice and peace which knows no end (Isaiah 9:7). Isaiah’s extraordinary vision of God’s justice which radically re-orders our present reality and banishes fear, pride and predatory hierarchies of power and re-establishes a community of shalom is a truly astonishing…

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