European youth thinking about justice for a new year

Happy New Year to those of you who mark it at this time! May it be a year of continuing to develop the deep shalom-peace which flows from lives lived well: intentionally just, intentionally kind and generous, intentionally loving ourselves, our neighbours, and our environment. If you are looking for a practical kick-start for the New Year, we recommend  a great little book which we have just downloaded by Steve Moreby, an environmental scientist and social justice blogger called The January I saved the World, which takes you through the month with practical suggestions for ‘helping create positive change in the world’, one day at a time.

Over the Christmas/New Year we were involved with a European youth Congress called Mission Net, facilitating a seminar stream called Justice and Peace. It was encouraging to see the level of interest in the various talks in the stream, from our own offerings on biblical perspectives of justice to a closer look at politics and campaigning, environmental issues and human trafficking.

One young Austrian student who was just completing her Masters studies in economics and policy, made the observation that in her experience, young people needed more role models in the work place who do actually start to challenge some of the unjust policies or encourage new thinking in fields such as economics. The tension between what we might aspire to theoretically and what we are willing to live out in practice is a real one for most of us, if we are honest, but this student’s comment reminded us of the importance of models for positive change in the attitudes we have and decisions which we take each day, every day.

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