Churches and Sustainable Communities conference (part 1)

Thanks Richard for this blog post with your thoughts on the JRI/Redcliffe Environment Day Conference last Saturday. I look forward to reading the remaining posts during the week. Andy

Bread ovens and bicycles

I’m fairly sure the first rule of blogging is to choose your topic and stick to it.
With that advice in mind, and with apologies to anyone who follows this blog for recipes, or for bread, or for songs, or for sermons, or for anything else that I’ve posted on in the past I’m now going to throw yet another topic into the mix!

More and more the focus of my thinking is turning to environmental issues, and in particular the theological/spiritual aspects of the current crises ( intentional plural!).  I am in the middle (or, to put it more realistically, near the beginning…) of writing my dissertation on the different images we can use to think about how humans relate to the rest of the natural world – are we ‘stewards’ or ‘priests’ or ‘masters’ or simply ‘creatures’?  I will probably write a bit more about that another time…

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