Churches and Sustainable Communities conference (part 2)

Here’s is part 2 of Richard’s week-long blog posts on the JRI/Redcliffe environment day conference last Saturday – an excellent summary of Tim Gorringe’s thought-provoking and stimulating talk.

Bread ovens and bicycles

Yesterday I began a mini-series of blog posts reflecting on a conference I went to at the weekend exploring the role of Churches in developing sustainable communities and today I will continue by reflecting on the second session on the subject of “Community, Church and Transition”.


One of the biggest movements in sustainability at the moment is the Transition Network which is a network of villages, towns and cities around the world, all trying to increase their community resilience.  This involves recognising that fossil fuels are going to continue to get more and more expensive and that communities of all sizes need to be more resilient against fluctuating oil prices and consequently food prices, resource availability etc.  Although Transition initially began in response to the challenge of Peak Oil (the idea that global oil production has reached its peak and is now declining and any future extraction is going…

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