Does the Church have ANYTHING to offer local community?

One of our keynote speakers at the conference on church and sustainable communities last saturday at Redcliffe College, Ruth Valerio, was asked a challenging question…this is her reply!

Ruth Valerio

JRI conference I was asked a question I couldn’t answer at this Sustainable Communities conference I spoke at recently: ‘So what does the church have to offer? Is there any way in which it can lead, or can it only follow and learn and join in with what’s already happening?’

It’s an uncomfortable thing, but the reality is that I often do my biggest learning when I don’t have an answer to a question from the floor, and this was one of those times!

I had based my presentation on telling the story of living on the Whyke Estate and of our Community Association and the transformation that we have been a part of seeing happen. A part of that story is my church’s involvement there because we originally moved on as part of a wider church ‘strategy’ to plant a church and invest into the estate.

The reality though is that…

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