Church and Community 3: Eschatology

Here is part 3 of Ruth’s reflections from the church and sustainability conference on 1st March at Redcliffe College, Gloucester.

Ruth Valerio

orchard Do you have ‘stickability’? I reckon that most people have a commitment-cycle of about eighteen months to two years. I can’t prove that, but it is something I’ve observed through watching people come and go with the different things with which I’ve been involved (and sometimes that has been me too). People tend to jump into something with excitement, but once it becomes more of an every-day commitment, they begin to lose interest and eventually go onto something else.

This is Part 3 of some thinking I’ve been doing around whether the Church has anything to offer when it comes to building a sustainable local community. We might like to think we do, but too often the reality is that others are doing it better than we are, and we need to join in with them in humility and learn.

But I do think our implicit faith foundations (what…

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