The jusTice Initiative aims to promote and facilitate research, teaching, writing, speaking and action on justice, advocacy and reconciliation themes by:

  • engaging with theological reflection on biblical paradigms of justice, advocacy and reconciliation
  • engaging with mission thinking and practice in a variety of different contexts
  • engaging with practitioners to develop well-informed and meaningful thinking and action in response to injustice as an integral part of vibrant faith and discipleship.

We aim to do this in ways that are thoughtful, relevant, accessible, practical, imaginative and passionate and we invite and welcome your engagement as part of the ongoing conversation around these important issues.

We actively seek to collaborate with other individuals and organisations to produce teaching and training materials on this theme.

Andy & Carol Kingston-Smith

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Andy and Carol,

    Redcliffe is to be congratulated for this JusTice iniitative. An excellent project. You certainly have quite a challenge in your inbox. If you’re ever in London do drop and say hello. I’m part of Wood Green Mennonite Church, with a background in Political Theology. I’ve added the blog to my blogroll and very much look forward to keeping in touch. Shalom, Phil

    1. Many thanks, Phil. You might be interested to know that we are partnering with Coventry Cathedral’s Ministry of reconciliation for one of our modules. Do you know Canon David Porter? We would be interested to know more about your work on peace and reconciliation. I note you are moving from London – where are you going? Anyways, let’s keep in touch. Blessings, Andy

  2. Hi Andy,

    I don’t know David, but thanks for mentioning him. I know about the Coventry Cathedral ministry via Chris Burch who I knew in Leeds. I’m not planning to move from London though as you’ll read from my blog I do sometimes find it a challenging place. I’m interested to note the reconciliation content. We’re very much involved in similar work via Bridgebuilders.

    Peace, Phil

  3. I’ve just realised that you meant the Mennonite Centre is on the move. The Centre and Wood Green Mennonite Church have a lot to do with one another but are separate. WGMC is staying in London. There is some discussion going on between ourselves and the trustees of the London Mennonite Trust at the moment about their proposed Birmingham move. Phil

  4. Dear Carol and Andy, Could you please send me your email, that I might discuss the work of thee Christian Council for Monetary Justice now backing a collaborative initiative related to the General Election. Canon Peter Challen London

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