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‘Broken Britain’: what do you think are three key issues for equipping the church for mission today?

If you were asked for your three key issues for equipping the church for mission in contemporary Britain, what would you say? I would be interested to hear your views on what you consider to be three key ones. Here is … Continue reading

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Book review: Carnival Kingdom

Originally posted on Make Wealth History:
I don’t review many Christian books on the blog here, but I recently finished a collection of essays from the JusTice initiative called Carnival Kingdom. I’m going to mention this one because I love…

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jusTice update – July 2014

Dear friends and supporters of jusTice, We have just returned from Chennai, India. It’s our second trip to India in partnership with International Justice Mission (IJM) to engage church pastors in thinking around issues of justice from a biblical and … Continue reading

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Business as Mission, Justice and Human Dignity

In the last chapter of Carnival Kingdom, Mats Tunehag explores how the entrepreneurial gift has the potential to bring social reform, model justice and equality, and reduce poverty. Amid complex historic, ethnic, climactic, economic and social dynamics of communities, biblically-shaped enterprise holds … Continue reading

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Peace and Violence – the minority Christian experience in India

“The Church has not been able to successfully articulate the development needs of the Christian community.” – John Dayal How do minorities get justice? Judging from the study of minority rights (or thelack of them) in contemporary India in chapter … Continue reading

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Human Dignity, Equality, and Liberty in Classic Protestant Perspective

Lat week we profiled some excerpts from John Witte Jr.’s chapter in Carnival Kingdom. His chapter offers a historical angle on the concept of human dignity as a precursor to contemporary notions of human rights. Luther is not generally known for theologising … Continue reading

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Yeasting the Public Debate with Good News – part 2

In part 2 of this post, we continue the theme from yesterday, considering how the Christian community can engage constructively, imaginatively and creatively in the public forum. So often injustices result in the perpetration of further injustices (retribution and revenge), whereas the teachings of … Continue reading

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