Youth, mission and biblical justice at Mission-Net

In December we are participating as seminar speakers at the Mission-Net Youth Congress in Offenburg Germany. As part of the Justice stream of seminars we will be taking a look at biblical perspectives which inform and shape our engagement with justice issues. Here’s a bit of information on Mission-Net from their website:

It is Mission-Net’s goal to promote a missional lifestyle among European Youth. Therefore, Mission-Net
serves as a facilitator of existing / emerging mission networks and organisations. Mission-Net is not about
creating its own initiatives but desires to connect people and establish a platform where partnerships are
encouraged. Our dream is a Youth Movement across Europe that becomes a major factor for all who are
engaged in enhancing the Kingdom of God – be it local or global – in both word and deed in all areas of life
and society. The specific purpose of the Mission-Net-congresses is to challenge and encourage participants
to discover Gods worldwide plan, find their personal calling and to get exposed to the opportunities and
needs the Lord may direct them to.

At a challenging time for Europe it is important to value the formation of its youth and especially with regards to how their faith can shape engagement with the very real justice issues they will be witnesses to in their communities and nations over the coming decades.