Our Addiction to Self-Promotion

Thanks Jon for these thoughts. Similar thoughts have been vexing me for a long time…as Christians we seem to be so vulnerable to these kinds of issues, and didn’t the Apostle Paul have something to say about this? The tragedy is that often we don’t even realise we are guilty of boasting, seeking significance and promoting ourselves be it through facebook or in other ways…sober reflection needed.

Resistance & Renewal

its-all-about-meA few years ago I was asked to speak at a conference for youth and community workers.  The person who had invited me didn’t know me well but had been involved in an online campaign that I had helped start. I soon realised my host was under a misapprehension that I was a lot more well-known than I actually am.

So, very enthusiastically, he decided to introduce me to the 300 or so people at the conference by saying:

“Well I am really excited everyone, because today we have JON KUHRT here to speak to us.”

You could tell by the way he said it that he was expecting some kind of response – maybe a smattering of applause or perhaps even a whoop. But all he got was blank faces.

Undaunted, he continued to introduce me, and then decided to conduct a straw poll to verify his belief in my fame:

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